First Time Homebuyer


Are You Ready to Own a home?

For first-time homebuyers, one of the greatest obstacles in the homeownership process is saving the money to cover the downpayment and closing costs. Qualified Tennesseans may be eligible up to 5% downpayment assistance to be used with FHA, VA, USDA-Rural Development and uninsured conventional loans.

“The decision to purchase a home is an exciting, but often intimidating, process. Learning the ins and outs of finding and financing a home can be overwhelming.”

That’s why the Life of Victory offers HUD-Approved First-Time Homebuyer classes to help walk you through the process. In fact, we believe so deeply in home buyer education that participation in an approved home buyer education course is a mandatory requirement mandatory requirement to apply for down payment assistance

  • Are you ready to own a home?
  • Types of loans, including FHA, VA, USDA-Rural Development and uninsured conventional
  • Downpayment and closing costs associated with buying a home
  • First steps in the homebuying process

Homebuyer Education Certification Courses include the following:

Neighbor Works, Pre and Post Purchase Curriculum including:
* Steps to home ownership
* What makes a home right for you
* What questions to ask when looking at a home
* How to qualify for a home loan
* What’s involved in maintaining a home once you’re a homeowner
* Clarify common, but confusing, mortgage concepts like title insurance and PMI

* Outline various mortgage types, including THDA’s Great Choice Loan Program
* Develop an understanding of budgeting and credit scores
* Connect you with a Certified Housing Counselor who can act as a resource
throughout the homeownership process
* Classes in Spanish
* Online Certified Home Buyer Classes
* Community resources

Click here to register for an approved online homebuyer education course.

Not Sure? Call Us! First-time homebuyers more familiar with homeownership, but who wish to know more about the Great Choice Loan Program, are encouraged to contact us at or call us at (615) 213-1468.