Who We Are

Life of Victory International Christian Ministries is a non-profit 501c3 tax exempt organization
that was founded in 2000, by Pastors Paul and Brenda Bryant. The mission of Life of Victory
Christian Ministries is to help build “Healthy Families, Healthy Homeowners’s and Healthy
communities. Through Christ Centered Programs, Life of Victory commitment is to share the
Gospel of Jesus Christ through services that can be replicated throughout the world.
As a HUD Approved Housing Counseling Agency, Life of Victory is a Christian Organization
with a physical office located in La Vergne Tennessee, and serves as an International Outreach

Since the inception of the ministry, Life of Victory International Christian Ministries has served
over 9,000 families and Individuals. Our service ministry to our community includes:
Foreclosure Prevention, Homebuyer Education, Financial Literacy, Mortgage Delinquency and
Default, Homeless Assistance, helping persons raise their credit score, and affordable housing.
Wrapped around these services is Family Counseling, and Bible Study.
The vision of Life of Victory International Christian Ministries is to help build long term
sustainable communities through education and coaching that will promote the financial well-
being for all persons. Life of Victory will play a strong leadership role in helping communities to
overcome barriers that prevent it’s residents from becoming committed and healthy contributors
to their communities.

Life of Victory International Christian Ministries:
* Healthy Homeowners and Communities
* Stabilizing Communities
* Primary Focus on Spiritual Development
* Engaging Communities and Partners in the public and private sector to be change agents
in mobilizing healthy communities
* Emphasis on Sustainable Communities
* Emphasis on Education

The mission:

Build successful homeowners and strengthen communities.
If you or someone you know is facing foreclosure, we can help you work with your lender and determine what options are best for you.